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What is Right to Information?

Right To Information Act!

What is Right to Information?

Right to Information’s (RTI) basic idea is to produce information that you believe is needed to find out if the government organization is being transparent in their operations.

I have extensive knowledge in RTI. I believe general public can reduce the burden of complaints to the government. If they only take initiative to investigate on their own about the information they need.

Each province have their own RTI laws and process. I have collected and will update on a regular basis about these laws and regulations.

You can submit RTI on a provincial basis and track your RTI status. It is very simple. However, it’s a process that each province follow. You must have patience in getting the information. If you didn’t get the information, then you can always open a process for that. What information can you find out using RTI process? Come of the examples are below.


  • Driving License: Process and official fee of getting one. Any amount above the official amount; you can challenge that.
  • Property Transfer: Same as Driving License
  • High absenteeism in any official organization including government schools
  • A government proposed dispensary or a clinic in village; not opening up; you can always challenge it.
  • How much budget is allocated for any government projects, government officials salaries, finding out budget for local schools, hospitals, and more.
  • Government recruitment process transparency and selection criteria and rankings.


These are just few examples of getting information. The more information you have about any thing; more informed decisions you can make for yourself, your family and complete household.