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Types of Technology Startups

Types of Technology Startups

Types of Technology Startups

Startups type can be several but we will discuss only two types; technology driven (Creator of Technology) and technology enabled (Users who uses them). Tech Enabled startups use technology for their own use. For example, Ride sharing applications, food order applications.

Tech Driven startups are actually create technology. For example, nano-technology, artificial technology, graphic technology. Artificial Intelligence can be used by tech enabled startup for their own use. For example, a robot serving food in the restaurant.

On the other hand, Innovation or a new technology driven startup actually create some thing new. For example, from traditional usage of cars to electrical powered cars. Bachelors and Masters programs in the universities work on differences between Technology Driven and Technology Enabled as case studies. US based Silicon Valley is considered center point of high risk technology startups.

Is Pakistan is moving towards Technology Enabled or Technology Driven arena? Pakistan needs innovative technology to technology enable the masses. Moreover, Pakistan need more events on technology theme for students and professionals. There can be networking done in those events.

There are several technology startups and companies based in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. Other cities of Pakistan are coming up in the pipeline specially Faisalabad and Sialkot.


Technologies are dependent on the Internet these days. We have to make sure that our tax payments are paid on time in order to ease the Internet access by the government. Those tax payments are used for infrastructure development. Furthermore, business have to calculate and integrate taxes in their business plan. Unfortunately, calculating taxes is a specialized field and a tax lawyer or an accountant must be onboard with the company in the beginning of the company.

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