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Dispute to Resolve; what we need?

Dispute and What are mediation types?

Dispute to Resolve; what we need?

Dispute Resolution is a bunch of procedures that solve a matter in a private manner. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a basic process of courts but it doesn’t replace or displace it. The main advantage of ADR is that it offers creativity and a free hand to find a solution. ADR is generally faster, cheaper, casual and less confrontational than the court system. Another advantage of ADR is that it gives both of the parties control over decision. Alternative Dispute Resolution provides long lasting solutions and secrecy regarding disagreement. ADR does require one basic thing, and that is communication from both ends.

It is recommended and strongly encourages to resolve the disputes informally. Informal dialogue is often less stressful than formal legal action. Familiarize yourself with other party issues and their needs. 

Things we need to resolve a dispute

  1. Know yourself and also the other party.
  2. Mindset to even communicate and resolve any issues.
  3. Kill the ego. Most of the time, this is the main source of issue.
  4. Commit to listen and communicate.
  5. Write letters to other parties
  6. Manage disputes in good faith.
  7. Delay strategy.
  8. Involving third party to seek assistance.
  9. Be humble.

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